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Monday, 11 June 2012

Bathroom Demolition

So…. it's been nearly three months since we last posted an update. 
We have been very busy trying to get the en-suite bathroom finished and it is taking way, way longer than we ever imagined (well at least longer than I had imagined, Stu knew in reality it would take a long time, especially since weekends are the only time we can work on it.) We are making great progress though and finally feel like we can see the end!! So here is the first in a series of what i think will be quite a few updates...

Tile stripping and ripping out all the old accessories. Smashing tiles is quite therapeutic. The pic on the right shows the top section and part of the basin pedestal out.

The thing that amazed us both was the amount/thickness of tile adhesive 
(which looks more like cement). Not to mention how the tiling was quite obviously done after installing the toilet, basin and bath. Guess they didn't get the memo about tiling first?

The above four images show the removal of the toilet. Man, were we glad to get that ugly brown toilet and basin out??!!! Another thing that had us flabbergasted was how the toilet and basin pedestals had been cemented in.  It took throwing a 4-Pound mallet at it a good couple of times to pry it loose/smash it up into tiny little pieces...

After we started smashing out the floor tiles we discovered a 
not-so-lovely mustardy-yellow linoleum flooring. 
By this stage we were not even surprised, I mean could we expect any less 
after all our wonderful discoveries already? :)

Some shots of tile demolition… 
The top white/off-white/smokey/creamy/dirty coloured tiles came off really easily and in huge chucks. The brown and white ones however, took a bit more effort and patience...
Then it came to trying to figure out how one person could get a cast iron bath out and down and case of stairs without dying of over exertion… The only tools that were used was a small crowbar/tommy bar and 4-Pound mallet.
The bath wall finally out after a lot of hammering and prying…
Half the bath out… See how badly damaged the wall underneath 
the tiles was due to lack of waterproofing?

After the entire bathroom was completely stripped, I couldn't wait to place the toilet and basin pedestal in to see how they would fit and to see if the space we had allocated for the shower would be enough.
After a lot of thinking we realized our original idea of having a walk-in shower running along the left side wouldn't be that great because although it would be a metre in length, it would only be 650/700mm wide. So we have decided to go with a different layout. 
As it turned out we managed to find a really nice semi-frameless shower that was cheaper than the long one we originally wanted. Below is a picture of what it will look like... We can't we to get it all in and finally start using our long, very long awaited shower!!! 

So next on the list of things to do (which we have done already, I am just really behind in posting) is to sort out the plumbing and build the shower base. This is the thing we are/were most worried about... luckily it all turned out great so stay tuned for a plumbing update :)